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Currently, many chassis pools are designed and managed to only benefit the owners of the pool. Interoperable pools provide efficient use of chassis. Pools with choice allow facility operators to place any container on any chassis. Motor Carriers eliminate wasted time searching for the “right” chassis, doing away with flips, and performing bare chassis moves. Contributors secure more use days on fewer chassis resulting in greater utilization. BCOs gain efficiency which translates into greater availability with less cost. Chassis are available when and where needed, and repairs are made and not deferred, resulting in a win across the Intermodal Transport Chain.

When chassis users are paying for chassis use, they should be able to select the chassis provider. The result for any MH (Merchant Haulage) moves, the chassis may be utilized for any ocean carrier container. The chassis has now become Interoperable/grey.

An Outstanding Fleet

Modern Premium chassis with an average age of less than 10 years. All with GPS, Radial tires, LED lights, and ABS. Some with Auto-Inflation-System. All are managed by our in-house pool management Team.

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